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  11. WAIVER

    In case of breach of the present General Conditions of Use by a user, the fact that Gibam Shops SpA may not take action against him does not represent a waiver to act against such violation.


    This website is property and is managed by Gibam Shops SpA. The user can contact us by e-mail at or by letter sent to: Gibam Shops, Via VIII strada 13, 61032 Bellocchi di Fano (PU), Italy.


  1. Use of the Gibam Composit configuration software. The present website allows the user also to operate an online software able to configure furnishing products, through which the registered user can create projects, see them represented, know prices, obtain quotations, order and pay products. The user can make use of such software within the limits prescribed by the General Conditions of Use, by the present Additional Terms and by Service Terms, when existing. The user is not allowed to incorporate partly or completely the configuration software into his programs or websites, cannot compile portions of it in combinations with his programs, cannot transfer the configuration software so to use it in connection with another service, and cannot sell it, lease it, distribute it or sub-lease it or convey in any other way rights concerning the configuration software. The user cannot use the configuration software for illicit purposes. The right of use of the configuration software will be immediately revoked, without notice, whenever the user will breach the present Additional Terms or the General Conditions of Use or the Service Terms (when existing).
  2. The user cannot copy, modify, make activities of reverse engineering, decompile or disassemble or in any way intervene on the configuration sotware partly or completely or create objects originated from it or out of it, neither can he encourage, assist or second any subject who would like to do so.
  3. Updatings. In order to keep updated the configuration software, we could carry on automatic updates or manual updates at any time, without notice.
  4. Available space and conservation of project’s data. The user authorised to make use of the configuration software can save the projects he has made to view it at a later date or to re-use them. The space that the user will occupy with such files is free of charge. Gibam Shops SpA cannot be held responsible for any real or supposed damage or loss caused by the failed or limited access of the user to his saved projects, or by their unavailability, corruption, destruction or any other situation that will make them unavailable for use temporarily or for ever.