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Tara-F09, Comp.01
Gondola Tara-F09 without sides, wooden shelves, W.100xD.60xH.133


from € 901,72

Tara-F09, Comp.02
Gondola Tara-F09 without sides, glass shelves, W.100xD.60xH.133


from € 926,68

Tara-F09, Comp.03
Gondola Tara-F09 without sides, metal shelves, W.100xD.60xH.133


from € 1.033,40

Tara-F09, Comp.04
Display gondola Tara-F09 with sides, wooden shelves, W.95xD.66xH.142


from € 887,68

Tara-F09, Comp.05
Display gondola Tara-F09 with sides, glass shelves, W.95xD.66xH.142


from € 912,64

Tara-F09, Comp.06
Display gondola Tara-F09 with sides, metal shelves, W.95xD.66xH.142


from € 978,48

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