Solutions devised for the most demanding shop owners


Brick & mortar shops still have a very important role to play in commerce. Gibam Composit puts the accent on spaces that can engage the customers, spaces where human relationships are interlaced with digitalization. The challenge posed to the creation of an efficient and modern buying experience is now clear, thus Gibam Composit products are not just shop fittings, but the ground on which to build tomorrow's point of sale.

Everything you need for your project

Modularity, structural simplicity, trendy materials, integrated lighting, are some of the characteristics of Gibam Composit products. The creation of a true design project, yet functional and within a set budget, with Gibam Composit series is just a click away.

Design developed from function

Gibam Composit proposes specialised solutions for the sales environment, able to give an added value to your project, on the ground of over 40 years of experience in the sector. The attention placed on ergonomical and functional aspects paved the way to the creation of shop fitting and furnishing systems highly appreciated by shop-owners and operators. Moduarity and accessories studied in every detail make of Visual Merchandising an activity easier and faster to make.