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M50 is an extremely practical and versatile modular display system, in which the slatted panel, so resistant and elegant, becomes a real design element. The very thin groove allows all the functions required to a modular equipped display wall, with the added value of a minimalistic elegance, since the metal inserts inside the slat disappear.


Essential and functional design

M50 is a system conceived to fulfill the concept of essential functionality. The structure and accessories are designed to create an easy, versatile and intuitive display, at lower costs, yet resulting elegant and refined in materials and finishes.

How to assemble M50

The structure
M50 is conceived as a flexible and modular display system, characterized by slatted panels, also available in customized size, fixed to the walls by fixing brackets.


The wide range of accessories is specially designed to fit a simple, versatile and functional product, suitable for any need. Modular and practical display walls, which can be equipped with glass or wooden shelves, sturdy and strong tube dividers, easy to place communication elements and blisters of any kind, for a clear and effective display.

Extremely versatile

The M50 range, extremely versatile and simple to manage by the retailer, having a wide range of accessories available, is ideal line to fit up promotional areas, which require a dynamic and easy-to-create display.

Ability and manufacturing technique

The essential style combined with the wide range of top-quality materials make M50 a simple and functional display system, yet extremely refined, as it is made with the ability and manufacturing technique that distinguishes Made in Italy products