Constituted by a floor-ceiling or self-standing upright and a large range of accessories, Ama is easily adaptable to every visual merchandising need on the ground of its recombination feature.The linking joint is called “hand” and is based on a magnetic block that can be positioned anywhere on the upright with a simple “click-clack”, without need
of screws or other fixing elements.Ama is a display system suitable for heavy or light loads and to every product
to display. The designer can unleash his creativity also by re-combining in various ways the colours of the elements that compose Ama.


The production of complements and technologies for furniture systems is part of our history. Years of experience and competence and a fruitful cooperation within Gibam Group have contributed to the success of Cean Company. We work in close cooperation with a handful of suppliers that also believe, as we do, in the continue improvement of quality. In this way we control the entire production process and guarantee high standards in every phase.
We take seriously the quality of our products and services and believe that quality is a goal that can be achieved through a constant and focused work.
A complete quality control based on ISO 9001 standard and a great attention to the production are applied to all our suppliers. Such organization guarantees that our policies are followed all along the production process, up to a final control before the products leave the factory.
All our system are produced by using high quality materials and are developed on the ground of a passionate respect for an economically feasible and functional design. We are every day committed to find the right balance between carefully selected materials, pleasant design and a planned simplicity. Below you will find more details about the materials we use.

Metal parts

Most of our metal products are made by using very high quality raw materials, so to eliminate most of the impurities. Surface treatments are aimed at giving a smooth result and guarantee low risk of oxydation. Other metal parts are coated with high quality paints, and insure a resistant surface. The coating is made through an ecological solvent-free treatment.

Materials and Colours

The modularity and flexibility of Cean Company products give you great freedom of expression. For every product line we offer a range of materials, design solutions and colours. Our colour palette is refreshed every year, thus giving the opportunity to use the last trends in finishes. This is a glance over all our colours a surface finishes. The coatings we use are chosen on the ground of high quality standards, with particular attention to their eco-sustainability. We use water-based coatings with low environmental impact. Special finished are decided with the client by request.

Coating with thermosetting coatings

The coating with non-toxyc polyester thermosetting powder coatings is conducted by using electro-static guns and treated in polymerization kilns at 200°C. Other metal parts are coated with high quality paints, and insure a resistant surface. Our coating processes are ecologically made and guaranteed to be solvent-free and heavy-metal free.


Our commitment for issues like sustainability, work ethics, respect for people and environment, are at the ground of our strategical vision and of our constant investment aimed at innovating products, processes and production techniques. The attention and care paid to raw materials selection is a constant practice of our company. Every day we strive to reduce materials wastage and promote the reuse and recycle. Raw materials made of wood or glass are sourced locally, trying in this way to reduce transport costs and the related pollution. Starting from March 2011 all lighting products which we provide integrated in our furniture systems employ LED technology, characterised by low energy consumption and long life cycle. Starting from June 2011 our factories can boast state of the art photovoltaic roofs for the production of electricity. From January 2012 we have got rid of heavy metals in all the finishes of our products. The materials we use for the production of our furniture, either wood, glass or coatings, are selected and chosen with great care by giving priority to those eco-sustainable and less polluting. We work with determination, quality and concreteness.