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M34 is a metal wire display system thought and designed to be practical, sturdy and of significant aesthetic impact.
In retail space, its use marks a definite orientation to create warm and refined spaces, where the combination of metal purity and wooden details, is capable of attracting customers. The product stems from design concepts that are enclosed in its enhanced sturdiness, combined with the typical design and finish of a product that is entirely Made in Italy.


Elegance and sturdiness

The technical solutions implemented in M34 are aimed at creating a streamlined and elegant system, yet ensuring an high level of sturdiness, to easily withstand heavy loads. This is the reason why the structural research paid much attention to load testing so to define the perfect combination between elegance and sturdiness.

Welcoming materials and colours

The decision to build M34 using quality materials and to search for warm neutral colours makes this system ideal to create display spaces that are both welcoming and well-cared for. Its functionality and its range of accessories are studied to be versatile and practical, making it extremely suitable to every visual merchandising request. M34 can be used in many different retail sectors, ranging from food to fashion: it is the design product that perfectly combines modularity with functionality.

How to assemble M34

All the elements composing M34 were designed through an accurate creation process that infuses flexibility and sophistication into the system. The structure is sturdy and resistant while at the same time slender, with a transparency effect that makes it look lightweight. Furthermore, the possibility to opt for wire or wooden backs delivers a product that is simple yet versatile and that will fit perfectly in any display space.

How to dress M34

Accessories composing M34 system are studied to match the design of the structure and the functionalities of the system. Modular elements and the possibility to combine them with each other create endless ways to display products and create communication. By combining linear and curved components, it is possible to create original, attractive visual effects.

Convenience and quality

The design of a display system such as M34 is not only strongly customer oriented but also user oriented, in that
it also meets the needs of the merchandiser, while achieving cost convenience with high quality materials and finishes.

Disegnato e costruito in Italia

M34 was created to meet the need for a product that would not only feature a high level of sturdiness but also a sophisticated design, finely defined to the smallest detail. Quality materials together with the design flair matured over 40 years’ experience in prestigious shopfitting manufacturing may well summarise a product that offers top performance and limited costs. Sturdiness ad elegance are qualities that allow M34 to enhance any display space, but its highest value remains that of being entirely conceived in Italy.