as seen by the customer
as seen by the operator


M32 is a retail furnishing system characterised by great display properties, specifically conceived for the sector of specialised retail. Its rigorous shapes and the elegant touch given by its materials allow the creation of a professional atmospehere, able to grant greatprestige to the environment. The definition of all its elements is aimed at creating a
system that is perfectly balanced and aesthetically refined.

Integrated lighting

An innovative system of integrated lighting completes the peculiarities of M32, thus making it an outstanding product. The light creates pleasant effects and enhances the merchandise. The wiring kit is fully integrated into the product so to be discreet but extremely functional, giving as a result a sinergy that increases the quality of the presentation to the client.

Much ore than a simple shelving

M32 is conceived to integrate subtly and elegantly with every display area. Its well-ordained regularity makes of it a basic element for visual merchandising. The merchandise is so enhanced by furniture that is welcoming and pleasant to the client, however organised and functional for the salespeople.

How to assemble M32

All the elements of M32 are the fruit of an accurate design project and are finalized to the creation of a regular and elegant display. The side panels characterise the style of this series, giving an extra aesthetic value that is similar to that of a designer’s item. The variety of available panels is devised to every kind of display and the base elements, as the base shelf, the cabinet and the canopies, complete a product suitable to the professional touch of specialised merchandising sectors.

How to dress M32

What makes a winning product is the possibility of combining different elements to adapt it to countless display requirements. M22.02 offers a range of standard accessories designed to be useful and practical, but also to enhance the products displayed.The high quality finishes are emphasized by the possibility of including lighting elements such as shelves, which show off the products and give the entire display an attractive and clear style.

A visible quality

Being recognised as an high quality product is a accomplishment that is not only given by technical aspects or by a design finely applied. M32 is characterised by the extraordinary quality of the materials and by a wide range of choices applicable to its compositions. All this makes the entire series an ideal instrument in the hands of architects, perfectly capable to adhere to various needs, always within it’s high profile.

A product born from passion

A product like M32 represents a perfect blend of great technical design capabilities, passion and an all-Italian ability to create strongly professional display areas. The refined touch of it is visible in every detail of the structure and of the accessories. The result of this effort is a true design object that puts into its frame the merchandise, giving them a precise, well-organised placement.