as seen by the customer
as seen by the operator


M28.02 is characterized by an extremely linear and sober design, perfectly combined with the strong modularity of its elements, and it is available in an exclusive range of materials. Thanks to the variety of combinations and finishes, M28.02 is able to offer the best solution to the most different styles and trends, creating a sober and elegant product display.


The value of embedded lighting

The lighting elements, specifically designed to integrate with the accessories’ design, become extremely important to enhance the product display. An added value which is crucial for an effective visual merchandising, able to attract the customers’ attention and conditioning their purchasing choices.

Geometric display solutions

Creating display solutions with M28.02 is simple and of great impact. The linear and geometric design allows to create the best display solution, for a product easily accessible to the customer and perfectly manageable by the operator. Every detail aims at focusing on the product on display, enhanced by creating a stylish and functional ambience.

How to assemble M28.02

M28.02 is a modular shop fitting system with a practical, flexible and extremely versatile structure. The wall upright, result of refined technological solutions, allows the elements modularity and the fixing of the accessories; furthermore it is electrifiable, therefore it is suitable for lit accessories with embedded lights. The design and dimensions of the back panels result in clean and geometric compositions, enhanced by using best quality materials and finishes.

How to dress M28.02

M28.02 offers a wide range of accessories specifically conceived and designed to meet every display requirement. The elegant and minimalistic design of the accessories is perfectly combined with the ligthing elements, playing a crucial role in the product display. The brackets perfectly match the lighing kits and the graphic elements, so to create captivating settings for effective display solutions.

the quality of Made in Italy

The main value of M28.02 lies in the quality of a product entirely conceived and designed in Italy. The choice of Innovative technical solutions, quality materials and finishes, express the know-how of a company having a real passion for beauty, producing furniture for retail for over 40 years.

The ideal display system

M28.02 is a linear and geometric modular system, designed to meet every stylistic requirement thanks to its wide range of materials and high quality finishes. All this makes M28.02 the ideal display system. Each element has been conceived to
create endless functional compositions which are at the same time geometrically clean and versatile.