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M24.02 system was born from the blending of solid, straighforward and elegant geometries. The natural intuitiveness of its structure gives an easy and versatile display, yet leaving space for the creation of more complex compositions, based on the use of several design-rich elements. The accessories and material’s range allow to create a perfect display of any and every product, and its correct integration in every environment. Glass and wooden shelves, dividers, slat panels, base shelves and all other M24.02 components are all we need to gain the maximum from our display.


Functionality that gives value to aesthetics

The perfection of a retail design furnishing system is reached within a tuned balance between functionality and aesthetic traits of the series. M24.02 is rooted on the blend of these two aspects. The combination of structural elements and accessories allows to create modular compositions, that use at the maximum extent the display potential in every commercial sector. The use of sought-after colours and of quality materials gives the final touch to a product’s series of great intrinsic value.

Modular and creative: isn’t this easy?

M24.02 portraits a perfect example of a product’s project aimed at creating simple display compositions, which are also effective and result-oriented. The elements of the series are extremely modular in all their parts and are easy to adjust to various merchandise contexts. The easiness of matching of colours and finishes leaves free space to the creativity
and customization of every composition, whatever the needs. Isn’t this easy?

How to assemble M24.02

The structure of M24.02 has been deviced to be a flexible and modular display system, characterised by slat panels, fixed to the wall through metal railings. The choice to create a simple product, yet sturdy and well structured, becomes a reality when one sees the complete range of structural elements. By combining in various ways the side panels, the dividers and the base shelves, it is possible to create very different configurations, extremely functional, easily enhanced by the use of fine colours and finishes.. dall’utilizzo di finiture e colori ricercati.

How to dress M22.02

The range of elements that make M24.02 complete reflect the design thought that is at the core of the whole series. The accessories are perfectly integrated with the slat panels, so to use at the maximum extent their versatility. An accurate selection of materials and colours matching the wood finishes give an added value to all accessories. Every item is therefore well coordinated and in harmony with the composition, no matter if it is a wooden or glass shelf or an hook or a blister.

A price-for-value product

Essentiality is an intrinsic characteristic of the M24.02 series. This peculiarity is a value that makes it an highly functional product, yet very refined. It is characterised by a concrete design, that exploits at the maximum extent simplicity and linear shapes, aimed to obtain always the maximum display effect without renouncing to the quality of a product completely design and made in Italy.