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M22.02 is a modular shop fitting system for retail, designed to embody aesthetics and practicality in a single, highly functional product. A basic design concept which encompasses a wide range of accessories specifically conceived for every retail sector.
Endless variations on a practical and versatile system which comes in an exclusive range of materials.


Technique and electrification

An extremely important feature, rooted on its innovative electrification system, is the possibility of adding lighting to the M22.02 modular system and accessories.
The lighting elements are specially designed to integrate with the unit’s overall design, highlighting every detail. The possibility of embellishing the products on display by creating an interesting ambience is a considerable advantage, and makes a significant difference in visual merchandising.

Functionality and simplicity

The design of M22.02 is specifically conceived to make it the focal point of visual merchandising. User-friendly for the client and simple to manage by the retailer, M22.02’s strength lies in the huge range of accessories which give it a highly modular character, optimizing the retailer’s resources.

How to assemble M22.02

Flexible, versatile, practical. Whatever your visual merchandising needs are, with M22.02 you can meet them.
The base structure is distinguished by the wide variety of display panels which are interchangeable and perfectly adaptable to any sector, precisely because the fixing system for elements and wall structure is practical and functional. The design is clean and minimal, the result of exquisite finishes in wood combined with materials such as transparent or etched glass, corian and aluminium.

How to dress M22.02


What makes a winning product is the possibility of combining different elements to adapt it to countless display requirements. M22.02 offers a range of standard accessories designed to be useful and practical, but also to enhance the products displayed.
The high quality finishes are emphasized by the possibility of including lighting elements such as shelves, which show off the products and give the entire display an attractive and clear style.

Materials and finishes

Research and a wide range of top-quality materials, together with its minimalist lines, make the M22.02 system the perfect blend of functionality and incomparable aesthetics.
Refined finishes accentuate the aesthetic pleasure and enhance the quality of a product which is ideal for planning and creating displays of any type and size.

Designed and made in Italy

M22.02 is more than just a panel-based shopfitting system. It is first and foremost a design element, because it is conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.
By combining design genius with the manufacturing expertise of 40 years of experience in outfitting prestigious stores, it has been possible to create a system which can be modified according to need and thus meet every display requirement. An evolutionary step in visual merchandising which stands out among its competitors.