as seen by the customer
as seen by the operator


The best result one can obtain when creating a point of sale is in the shaping of environments whose welcoming atmosphere can engage the client during the purchasing experience.
M18.03, characterised by refined finishes and great display capacity, allows to create solutions that give much more than the average.

Practical and refined accessories with light

The structure of M18.03 includes electrified profiles, making possible to use accessories with embedded light fixtures. The light fixtures are thus part of wood and glass shelves, so to keep the design functional, clean and coherent. The capacity to enhance the product’s display and to create pleasant environment effects is a basic characteristics of the creation of highly professional points of sale.

Fuctional aesthetics

The display features of M18.03 are easily perceived at first sight. Its structure as well as its accessories are the result of a refined design effort, aimed at giving extra value to the product and the display.
The well-ordained elegance of its compositions is easily approached by the client, yet it preserves a great functionality and adjustability, as the operator needs.

How to assemble M18.03

M18.03 is a series construed on uprights, onto which are fixed in a continuous way all the other elements of its structure. The modularity of this product is at the core of its versatility, with which one can create wall compositions as well as gondolas, thus being perfectly adjustable to the environment and to the merchandise category.

How to complete M18.03

M18.03 can be completed with straight or curved wooden or glass shelves, meant to create an uninterrupted display flow. The lighting set is smartly embedded within the elements, and gives a practical and functional result. The wide range of blister accessories makes of M18.03 an effective solution in every situation.

How to dress M18.03

The versatility at the base of M18.03 series is expressed also into a range of accessories deviced for the various kinds of compositions one can make.
Every element is created to have a precise function, and to be integrated with the structure thus giving a unique and effective display environment.

Created by our experience

M18.03 encases into one system all the best qualities of a product deviced to create professional display environments.
The refined nature of every detail puts into evidence the peculiarities of a product of Italian excellence, born from our experience and from the passion that characterises us since over 40 years.

A display scenography

The intense atmosphere created by the quality of the display spaces made with M18.03, confers to the purchasing quality a new perpective and a greater importance. The wall display is transformed into a scenography that conveys a feeling to the client, thanks to refined wood finishes, glasses, and a colour palette that matches all compositions. The accessories are deviced to be an answer to the most complex visual merchandising needs, thus making of M18.03 a product suitable to many product categories.