as seen by the customer
as seen by the operator


The strenght of its structure and the versatility of applications that can give, are important values to preserve when creating modern points of sale. M18 gives the possibility to reach such challenging goals through its range of colours and finishes, that are the result of detailed quality-oriented research.

Light enhancing the display

Light sources embedded in the shelves are an added value very very important, because in this way the product is put on first place and the display becomes accurate and precious. The care put in the applied design and the right technology allow to integrate the light elements with precision, keeping unchanged the straightforward lines that are the peculiarity of M18.02.


M18.02 is clean and minimalistic, yet able to give a lot in terms of visual merchandising. Such characteristics come from a design studied in every detail, based on a linearity of display that allows a simple and natural approach of the
client in the purchase.

How to compose M18.02

M18.02 is a very versatile system, devised on the base of a detailed search for modular technlogical solutions. The uprights create the structure on which are fixed back panels, bases and all other elements. In this way both wall units and gondolas are created, thus making of M18.02 a product suitable for every kind of display and every environment.

How to complete M18.02

The elements that compose M18.02 are devised to be perfectly integrated with the structure, so to create a continuous display system that can be functional in every situation. Straight and curved shelves follow the lines of the display and the pitches of the structure, giving a feeling of completeness to the display.

How to dress M18.02

The range of accessories is able to complete the endless possibilities offered by M18.02. Every element is deviced to be functional in its role and to create a display environment unique and well-integrated.

The solution for every environment

The quest for functionality applied to the series and the versatility of the accessories make M18.02 suitable for the furnishing of every kind of space. It can be placed is so many different sales sectors, from food to electronics, always within a perfect blend of modularity, functionality and design. A perfect product for sofisticated and welcoming spaces.

Great quality and convenience

The challenge that was posed by M18.02 during its creation was that of having a convenient product, yet able to preserve a good quality of materials and finishes. The series is based on being easy to use for the client, but also suitable to satisfy all display needs.