C04 is the catalogue specifically dedicated to accessories designed and studied for the needs of each specific sectors. C04 supplies accessories well distinguished by the quality of the materials, easy to be used and versatile, so to integrate and complete all Gibam Composit product series. Every element becomes an object crucial for the point of sale and for the perfect display of goods.

C04 includes a range of accessories especially designed for the electronics stores, such as wooden bottom trays, full lenght price holders, step display and accessories holders, compatible with the metal shelves of M18.02 Krios and with the wooden shelves of M18.03 Xylo. C04 product line also includes the multimedia tables, available in three versions (with or without cable holes or with center groove), which can be fitted with dividers, that may support wire hooks.

A part of the C04 catalogue is dedicated to the world of “white goods” proposing several display solutions: wall display units, gondolas or floor platforms. Both the wall system display, whose background enhance the large household appliances shapes, and the gondola display, use uprights compatible with the metal panels of the M18.02 Krios series and can be integrated with base shelves.
The floor display disposition, with platforms whose surface is made of a zinc-coated metal sheet, complete the general display thus giving order to the space.

C04 series includes a range of accessories specially designed for magazine and book stores. The magazine display units , of different types, are compatible with the slatted metal and wood panels of the M18.02 Krios and M18.03 Xylo series, but also with the front bars of the same series and with the M34 Hilo system. Furthermore it also includes the supporting step display holder to be used on any type of surface and the repositionable supports for shelf, compatible with the metal and wooden shelves of the M18.02 Krios and M18.03 Xylo series. Finally, a step display unit compatible with the 96 cm units of the B05 counter.