as seen by the customer
as seen by the operator

Organized professionalism. The rational design functionality.

C03 combines the essential features of an accurate and intelligent design product. The design is based on a rational aesthetics able to emphasize the organizational functionality within the pharmacy, underlining the professionalism of an elegant and minimal environment.

The advantages of the pharmacy drawer cabinet

The benefits of the drawer cabinet against the shelf display: greater containment capacity; products organized in an efficient way; order in visual merchandising; a faster access to products; full use of space in height; different types of design for every kind of request.

A: See from below thanks to the transparent bottom.
B: See-through effect side panels for products always in sight.
C: Different designs to satisfy each pharmacy requests.
D: Partitions to organize the products and speed the search.
E: The letters on the front side panels make the organization of drawers very handy.
F: Thanks to the footboard,each product is easily reachable

The drawer

Equipped with standard accessories to ensure the maximum functionality.
All drawers can be supplied with display steps equipped with transparent partitions specifically conceived to hold homeopathic granule tubes.
The drawer cabinet includes the extractable footboard that makes it easy to reach the highest drawers. At the end of use, the platform pulls back automatically. Different heights, and the various types of bottom, are designed to be functional in any situation.

The structure

The whole structure of C03 is sectional and modular, characterized by many advantages, first of all:
- Small packaging.
- More agile workmanship for quicker and more efficient assembly.
- A new concept, technologically advanced and durable over time.

The panels

C03 is already set up for the fixing of side, top and bottom panels. The back panel is applied to the frame by means of spacers according to the depth of the drawer.
This is a peculiar characteristic of the C03 drawer cabinet, which makes this product unicum on the market.

The counter drawer unit

The C03 range is complemented by the counter drawer unit, also with a modular structure, whereby it is possible to create one or more blocks in different width according to necessities, to be inserted in single or multiple boxes.

Order at hand

The C03 drawer cabinet was conceived and designed to maximize efficiency in the organization of pharmacy products.
Every detail is designed to facilitate and make storage handy for a perfectly ordered display. An essential furniture for any professional who wants to have everything under control.