as seen by the customer
as seen by the operator


Every project is unique. Around this idea was born B05. A high-tech modular system, deviced on the principles of simplicity and modularity. A product designed to accommodate the widest range of accessories for retail on the market. Simple, clean lines, customizable 360° thanks to an exclusive range of materials. All this is B05, because you and your business are unique.



Inside a point of sale the most stressed area is that dedicated to customer service and cashier. The use of materials characterised by long durability puts B05 above the common standards, and makes a statement about the resistance to wear.


B05 has been devised not only as a place to put things down or as a showcase, but as a real center of relationship with the client. The product is furtherly completed by a large range of accessories and by the possibility to configure its back side in accordance to need.

How to assemble B05

Everithing you may want with the greatest simplicity. We have designed a system that is simple yet quick to be used, suitable to be applied to the most complex situations of space management. One module presented with two combinable heights that allow to create multiple functional solutions. The various surface finishing materials, as glass, wood and composites can be used in every layout solution.

How to "dress" B05: the accessories.

B05 is the place where the aspects related to the management of the store and the ones closest to the customer relationship meet. An effective working tool. An exceptional range of accessories designed around the people who work and its needs, allows you to equip a counter highly functional and professional. The quality of materials and finishes, the clarity of the displays and of the service guaranteed service by B05, help in reinforcing your image as a retailer in the eyes of clients.


Beautiful and functional. The minimalistic aesthetics of B05 becomes simple and down-to-point solutions. Materials and
surfaces chosen with great care create a pleasant visual and sensorial experience.


Many solutions from which to choose for the customization of B05. A philosophy that allows to optimize the resources of the retailer only taking what is necessary. To this we add the use of LED technology, that reduces to almost zero the need for maintenance over time, and becomes a money saver.