Display cases with sinuous and soft shapes. Magnification of transparency and light.Extreme attention to functional and esthetics details. B03, in its three basic configurations: show and sale counter, cash and customer service desk, financing desk, as the best solution for anyone who wants a store unique, a store in which the equipment, that support, speak the same language of news, quality and exclusivity of the products offered.


Modern displays

Universal configurations. Models with glass showcase, designed to adapt to the characteristics of any products, with backlit steps or illuminated shelf, support assisted sales with maximum efficiency


With an articulated set of back counter modules, is able to fulfill all the storage doc needes, B03
is the best working instrument for the service staff.


The specific functionality of a cash and customer service desk requires dedicated accessories. B03 is equipped with: pc holder, keyboard puller, channal for the elecrification of all the desk, vertical connection chanal with the ceiling.

Service and cash counter

Service and built, central place for customer satisfaction in the store. B03 with his dedicated system coverage and title their features and value.

Face to face service desk

Service specialists B03 also present itself as a series of desk for listening the client and the provision of all the services that require a vis-à-vis moment.