Design furniture for rooms and common areas

Hotel forniture

In today's world, travelling has become a sought-after activity for people of every age. Furnishing hotels means creating places where people can feel unique, being at the same time able to offer this possibility to a large and curious audience. Gibam Composit transforms this vision into a daily reality, by building hospitality spaces with passion.

Our idea of hospitality

Surfaces able to transfer quality, lighting devised to create the right atmosphere, everything in the right place for a perfect and harmonious result. Gibam Composit products combined together give a great contribution to the creation of exclusive projects, always respecting the functional needs of the hospitality sector, within a suitable budget.

Style made to last

Solutions that count are those able to last, even when subject to extensive use, maintaining their beauty. Projects where not just the style is important, but also the structural quality of the products.
The design of Gibam Composit hotel product lines is based on modern and light solutions, capable to convey contemporaneity and freshness and so generate human relationships.