Perpetuity Program

The reason we work is to have ongoing , lasting and satisfying relationships with all of our customers.

PERPETUITY is the program that rewards your continuity in Gibam Composit buying.

How does it work:

When you make your first order from Gibam Composit you become automatically a member of the Perpetuity program. On every order you acquire two types of points: reward points and level points.

Your points account will be immediately visible in your personal account page.

The level point allows you to receive every year a special standing (wood, iron, steel or titanium) for the next year. Each standing matches different commercial conditions like base discount, credit, payment methods, free additional services.

With your reward points you can instead buy discount coupons on your Gibam Composit orders, prizes in kind or donate to a cultural or charitable organization.

Your points account, your standing, coupons, and prizes in kind, as well as our cultural and charitable initiatives are visible right from your personal account page.