Special packaging

Our attention is directed to provide the greatest care in the packaging of the products.

Our products, in standard conditions, are protected by polystyrene strips or sheets and packed in cardboard boxes. The goods are placed on wooden Euro pallets, wrapped with PVC film.

Gibam Packaging Department in Fano - Italy

The most delicate products, i.e. glass shelves and glass cabinets, are always packed inside OSB wooden crates.

You can always ask for the packaging of all the foods inside OSB wooden crates. It is an additional packaging that will generate a price increase.

Do not forget to check the cost of forwarding and transport before choosing, using OSB wooden crates sometimes may reduce it.

 If you choose the OSB wooden crates and you require these be fumigated in accordance with the customs of your country of importation, do not forget to tell us at the time of your order.

OSB wooden crate