We work very hard to deliver your order on time. We are aware that, organization, timeliness, efficiency in every phase are the key to your success. That's why we do the best and support you with our professionalism and our delivery infrastructure.

Although the delivery date at the time of our confirmation of acceptance of your order is indicative, and not exhaustive, 99.7% of the orders we receive are delivered on time. Despite this we know that we have to improve.

How our deliveries works:

A few days before the date of expected delivery specified in our order confirmation, an e-mail will inform you about the actual weight and volume of the products on delivery*. You will see the same information appearing even in the Orders section of your Personal Account Page.
This is the indication that your delivery date is coming closer and you can start the activity that you need to organise the order collection, unless you have bought, at the time of your order, our Forwarding Service.

*We remind you that the weight and volume indicated in our order confirmation are approximate, not precise, because calculated on the weight and volume of the unpacked product.

When the products are ready for delivery, a further e-mail will inform you of their availability and the same information will be indicated in the Orders section of your Personal Account Page.

At this point you, or a forwarder instructed by you (unless you have purchased our Forwarding Service), can contact our Shipping Department to agree about the exact date, time and collection mode.

Please be informed that the days and times for collection are: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm excluding holidays listed in the Italian civil calendar and any other day that we will notify as non-working days.