Quality, Health and Safety

We care, care about beauty, functionality and robustness of the products, but we care also to your safety and health. For this we use only the highest performance and safety materials, produced in Europe according to the main European regulations.

Melamine Coated Particleboards

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the stipulations of EN 312 (untreated particleboards) and EN 14322 (melamine coated particleboards).

Classification of boards (EN 312)


Reaction to fire euroclasses (EN 13986)

D-s2, d0

Conditions of use (EN 1995-1-1)

Service class 1

Content, pentachlorophenol

< 3 ppm

Class, formaldehyde release (EN 13986)


Melamine Coated MDF Panels

Melamine Coated Medium Density Fiberboard (MC MDF) we use is in according to EN 316 and complying with the requirements of EN 622-1 and EN 622-5 is formed by covering a MDF core with a decorative resin-impregnated paper.

Reaction to fire euroclasses (EN 13986)

D-s2, d0

Class, formaldehyde release (EN 13986)



Wood is the material par excellence in the furniture. This material has between its intrinsic quality has the strength, the toughness and the ductility of use. Wood is a natural material, noble, strong and connects us directly with the earth, from which we come.

There are several types of wood: the different qualities are derived from the "essences", ie the type of tree from which it came, and processing it undergoes. Each type has very specific characteristics, both aesthetic and practical, requires a different maintenance and is employed for specific uses and products.

It is worth mentioning that the wood is formed by different natural elements and minerals. Usually its composition is:

- 2% of mineral and nitrogen

- 6% hydrogen

- 42% oxygen

- 50% carbon.


Paints for wood we utilize on our products are designed not only to enrich the environments in which you live and work, but also to preserve clean air and your healt.
Our water-based paints also allow you to approach the nature of the wood with respect and awe, and jealously guarding it without altering its features.

The coating products that we utilize fully comply with the regulations governing this area:

- EN 971 (Paints and varnishes. Terms and definitions for coating materials. General Terms)

- ISO 4617 (Paints and varnishes. List of equivalent terms)

- ISO 4618 (Paints and varnishes. Terms and definitions)

Epoxy paints

Our thermoset coatings are made with high quality epoxy. Products allow the maximum aesthetic, resistance to scratching and corrosion, durability without discoloration. The powders we use for the metal coatings are completely non-toxic and therefore also suitable for food contact.


All glues we use for the adhesive bonding of the products are very high resistance and safely. We use the best products on the market for performance and not only.

All glues that we use comply with current regulations:

- DIN-EN 204

- DIN 4102

- WATT 91


To ensure the best results and performance in our products we use only the highest quality steels exclusively European production. Each product is made with the steel of the most suitable type to its function and use in full compliance with the regulations relating to the product to which it is intended.


Our design proposes with ever increasing force the aluminium in furnishing and more generally, as a material for residential and commercial space. The great aesthetic qualities of this material are perfectly combined with the technical features and the numerous finishing options that allow you to design furniture, and particularly sophisticated furnishings.

The most well-known point of strength of aluminium, consisting of the ratio by weight / mechanical strength, combined with its durability, has led the aluminium to an extensive use in many of our products.

Each product is made with the aluminium of the most suitable type to its function and use in full compliance with the regulations relating to the product to which it is intended.


All the glass we supply are tempered glass in accordance with the stipulations of EN 572-9 (basic float glass soda-calcium silicate to be used in buildings and constructions).

Single glazing, subjected to the treatment of quenching words cooked at 650 ° C. Mechanical resistance 5 times higher than normal glass. If broken it crumbles into harmless tiny fragments. According to UNI EN 12150, UNI 7697 and UNI EN 12600 safety for furnishing glass. The maintenance and cleaning operations can be carried out with maximum simplicity.

Our glass are suitable to contact and use for the containment and storage of foods, they do not contain the substances listed below:

- Lead (pb)

- Mercury (Hg)

- Cadmium (Cd)

- Hexavalent chromium (Cr VI)

- Biphenyls (PBB)

- Polybrominated biphenyls (PBDE)

LED Lamps and cabling

All lighting systems on board of our products are strictly LED systems. We use LED lamps best performing in terms of light quality, durability, consumption. Our LED products are designed and manufactured in compliance with regulations EN 60825-1 (Laser Lights) and IEC 62471.