A new way of managing your work

Always at your side to allow you to express at the best what is really important

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Your new office

Wherever you are, you can have easily everything under control, and so give always the best.

Share your projects when you want

You can share your ideas and your quotations with whoever you want, members of your team or your clients. Gibam Composit Configurator allows you to work at the best of your potential.

On your favorite device

You can work unceasingly switching from a device to another, no matter if it is a pc, a Mac or a tablet.

An intuitive and well-organised management

All your activities can be managed and well organised through the control panel. Gibam Composit Configurator gives you a restricted area where you can store and organise all your activities, so to have always available what you need at click distance.

Everything under control at any time

In Gibam Composit Configurator all project aspects are organised in an efficient and functional workflow. From design to quoting, every aspect is taken care of in detail, so to allow you making the best choices without second thoughts.