Professional methods and results

With Gibam Composit Configurator you can do your work better, thatnks to professional presentations, price analysis and more

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An incredible precision

Gibam Composit Configurator makes possible to create complex projects without mistakes. The components match in a clever way, with incredible precision.

Amaze your clients

Clear and perfect presentations that convey professionality and competence. Presentations complete under all aspects, from drawings to quotations.

Real-time realism

During project development, you can see the real result taking shape, thanks to the high-resolution texture of the materials. Depth effects and shadows make of Gibam Composit Configurator the most technologically advanced expression of online project development.

Modifications and integrations at ease

A last-second project revision is not anymore a problem. In any moment you can update or integrate a project with new components, and do so counting in real-time on presentations and quotations.

100% complete

Drawings, 3D views, visual merchandising, assembly instructions and quotations. Everything you need for an impressive presentation.