Gibam Composit Community

It is a network of professionals who operate on the field, by collaborating in defining commercial interior designer projects.

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Professionals such as interior designers, developers and sales agents within the commercial furniture business industry, working autonomously and independently; they establish a durable collaboration in both the consultancy and promotion process of Gibam Composit's products and provide a thorough support to the end users.


Gibam Composit Designer

Gibam Composit's Designer is an industry professional with a thorough set of skills, who deals with the promotion and resale of Gibam Composit's products and accessories, providing in-depths support to the end user.

He efficiently supports the customer at each stage of the project.


Gibam Composit Store

Inside a Gibam Composit Store is possible to touch and see the most modern solutions for the furnishing of commercial environments. It is possible to know men and women that can listen passionately to the needs of those who operate in today's world, to build together the best project.

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