Working in the best way

Simple to understand, simple to use

A program created to be at the side of those who work. The design of the products has been developed having in mind the need to make them easy to apply, easy to install and user-friendly. A modern tool like Gibam Composit Configurator makes everything well-organised and clear, in every process phase.

Little time, many projects

Being able to dedicate oneself to many projects at once is nowadays a multiplier of opportunities. The efficient use of the time is one of the goals of Gibam Composit, a move towards profitability improvement without compromising the quality of the service.

Always respecting the budget

Making something beautiful with limited resources is never easy, but the continuous control of the budget when making a project can allow to manage the economical aspects of it in a clear and constructive way. Making more options of a project or add required refinements together with the client is a quick and profitable activity.

Integrated with Sketchup

The projects made with Gibam Composit Configurator can be quickly transferred to Trimble® SketchUp® through the App Gibam Composit SketchWork®. The advantage to switch rapidly to a 3D project allows to make use of all the peculiarities of SketchUp®. It will then be possible to create even more detailed presentations, well-cared for and perfectly within the context.

SketchUp® trademark is exclusive property of © Trimble Inc.

Everything in order, everything under control

Gibam Composit organizes a precise and punctual flow of all project phases, ranging from quotation to installation and maintenance. From Gibam Composit restricted area is possible to control in any moment projects, basket content and orders, so to keep everything under control. Gibam Composit Customer Care is always at your disposal to offer assistance and clarifications.

Being effective anywhere

Gibam Composit control panel is always with you and with your devices. New functions allow you to be always productive, no matter where you are.