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The ideal protective barrier for the safeguarding of office workers who work on desks exposed to the public, medical offices, dental care offices, commercial and legal offices.

It can be positioned on any kind of desk. Its light structure is stable and robust, thanks to its press-folded steel feet. The front module is available in 3 sizes of width (63 cm, 83 cm and 93 cm). Its height is 70 cm. Modular, it can be aligned so to create a single continuous barrier.

The set consists of: transparent acrylic panel with wing folded on the upper side, steel feet, accessory barriers for lateral protection (on request), mat plexiglass junction profiles.

It is shipped with simple assembly instructions, included in the box. No assembly tools required.

The steel foot is in Gray colour, RAL 9006

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Protective screen for desk, sneeze-guard, droplets-safe, in transparent acrylic and steel. It is equipped with accessory barriers for protection also on its sides. Its folded wing allows complete protection even in the case of a standing customer.

It protects office workers working with the public and receptionists from the risk of possible infection by Covid 19 and bacteria.

  • Perfect visibility for both the operator and the client, yet ensuring maximum safety.
  • Also the upper part is protected.
  • The sides of the screen are also protected.
  • Available in sizes: L 63 cm, L 83 cm, L 93 cm x H70 cm.
  • HACCP compliant, coherent with food hygiene self-control regulations.

It allows the conveyance of documents and products through the lower part up to a maximum size of H 7 cm.

  • Self-supporting, it may also by screwed on the counter.
  • More than one screen can be connected to create a longer, continuous one.
  • It can be completd with side screens.

Made with durable materials: press-folded steel and 5 mm thick transparent acrylic.

  • Easy to clean with every common detergent, avoid abrasives and organic solvents.
  • Resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with simple assembling and placing instructions.
  • No tools are needed to install it.
  • Made in Italy.

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